Telephone befriending service

If you live in the Benefice of Bowland, or are a member of the church congregations, and have to self-isolate due to Coronavirus, you may feel lonely and in need of a chat. Along with Grindleton Parish Council, we want to co-ordinate a community effort to ensure no-one is left without support, both practical and emotional, in these unprecedented times.
If you need someone to talk to, or would just like some human contact, even if only over the phone, please initially call Gillian James on 01200 441585/07921 009612. Gill will hold a list of St Ambrose volunteers and will be able to ask one of them to get in touch with you by phone, for a chat. We hope this will be a good way to make sure no-one feels abandoned or alone if they have to stay isolated at home for any length of time.
If you live in Grindleton village you may already have received a note through your door about a similar, but more practical-based scheme being organised by Lorraine Halley and the Parish Council. Once again, if you are self-isolating and need someone to help in a practical way by getting some shopping or collecting a prescription, then please initially contact Lorraine Halley (07851489191, 01200 440362, who is also holding a list of volunteers willing to shop and deliver to your doorstep.
If you are reading this and would be willing to volunteer to be on either list then please get in touch with Gill or Lorraine to offer your help if you haven’t done so already. If you are forced to self-isolate for whatever reason, you may even welcome the opportunity to volunteer for telephone befriending because it could help you to continue feeling useful within your community, and will have a positive benefit on the mental health of all involved, as well as spreading the load on all our willing volunteers.
So, please do join us in this initiative whether as a user or a volunteer (or both!)

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